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I remember one vivid, recurring childhood dream, where the walls of this white room closed in around me, instilling a sense of fear and panic. Yet, upon waking, I always found myself at home and safe. I’ve often wondered if that dream was a deep intuition speaking to me, warning me.

Just a few months after my eighth birthday, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. After several rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors recommended amputating my leg for the best chance of survival.

One of the most powerful moments of my story is the moment my mother said “I can’t make this decision for you.” It was a profound realization that, even in seemingly powerless situations, we have the ability to choose our response and chart our course.

Representing the United States in the Paralympic Winter Games was never my initial dream, but it led me to a life filled with joy, adventure, and unexpected achievements.

So, how do we pursue our dreams when circumstances seem insurmountable?

Courage is the key to overcoming defeat. Recognize that failure is a part of growth, pushing us to evolve and learn.

Physical health provides a foundation for mental resilience, encompassing exercise, nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Viewing self-care as a privilege rather than an obligation transforms our journey into a positive endeavor.

Joy is the compass that guides us on our adventure. Focus on the journey, relishing the people and experiences that bring genuine happiness.

Kindness helps us radiate positive energy. Embracing empathy and kindness fosters acceptance and understanding, paving the way for personal and collective growth.

In the end, dreams rarely unfold as we envisioned. Yet, they serve as a compass, steering us toward the experiences meant for us. As you navigate your dream, let courage, physical health, joy, and kindness be propel you to become the best version of yourself.

xx - Coco
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