The Phule Project By Nicole Roundy

Welcome to a journey of transformation, inspiration, and empowerment guided by the remarkable stories and experiences of a childhood cancer survivor, amputee, and 2x Paralympian.


Nicole Roundy

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Founder. Director. Athlete.

My friends call me “Coco” and while my name is often followed by a list of acronyms, I am simply a curious soul who enjoys connection, stories, and personal growth. I am here to share those stories, insights, and other tid-bits that make life a bit more enjoyable. 

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What is the Phule Project by Nicole Roundy

If you’ve watched my TEDx Talk (the first one!) you might be familiar with the term “magnetorheological fluid.”

Magnetorheological fluid is a substance that dances to the tune of a magnetic field, its very form and flow are dictated by invisible forces. It is one of several technologies that has changed my life as an amputee and giving me the freedom to chase my dreams.

There’s a curious beauty in drawing parallels between this exotic material and the tapestry of life. The pull of ambition, the push of circumstance, the ebb and flow of relationships – these act like invisible magnets, tugging us in different directions, and constantly reshaping our path.

Welcome to the Phulé Project.

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Life constantly reminds us that we are complex beings, shaped by unseen forces. And yet, we possess the power to navigate our currents, finding beauty and meaning in the ever-shifting flow of existence.

This blog is where you’ll find my perspective and the things that I’ve learned in real-time. The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else that makes me a perfectly flawed human.