Amy Purdy

Online Course:
Self-Acceptance Workshop with Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy is a 3x Paralympic medalist, NY Times Best Selling Author, and one of the top keynote speakers in the world.

The Need? Develop an online webinar series to inspire & connect with her newsletter & social media audience. 

1. Landing Page. A strong landing page incorporates several key components: 

  • A compelling value driven headline that clearly communicates the benefit of the service.
  • Images, videos, or graphics that complement the content and support the storyline.
  • Persuasive language with clear Call-To-Actions that convince visitors to take action.
  • Mobile first optimization. Amy’s audience is typically 70% mobile devices. 


2. Simple Registration. Utilized Stripe for simple, one stop registration and payment. Over-ride’s default confirmation email with custom confirmation. 

3. Confirmation. Custom confirmation email, triggered automatically after successful payment or configuration of payment plan.


Organic Content with SEO Optimization

4. Organic Content. Blog page with SEO optimization and Pinterest referral traffic

5. Popups. Custom website popups to capture leads and redirect traffic to landing page.

Social Media Announcements

Announcement Emails

Pre & Post Session Emails

Participant Portal & Replays

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My Mission? Migrate and rebuild the website to better align with the brand and vison of the organization.


My task? Revamp their email marketing template to create a seamless funnel experience.

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