Match is an Italian pewter company, with handcrafter pieces that stand the test of time.

My task? Revamp their email marketing template to create a seamless funnel experience.

1. Full Width. Most email inboxes do not support full width email templates, but for those that do, this template was designed to span full width, while defaulting to the standard 620px width in older providers. 

2. Mobile Optimized. Fluid, mobile optimized design for a beautiful user experience on all mobile devices.

3. Dark Mode. Light mode version of this template incorporates both dark and light elements. This can be challenging to navigate with providers that force their own version of dark mode while over-riding developer styles. I’ve been developing dark mode compatible templates since 2019.

4. Sign-up Forms. Tasked with increasing newsletter signups. Updated the footer form and included an incentive signup offer.

5. Double Optin. Incentive offers are effective at growing email lists, but they can also increase spam signups. To address this issue we recommend implementing CAPTCHA and a double opt-in process to increase subscriber quality. 

5. Email Preference. Asking for additional information at signup can create a barrier. For Match the confirmation email was linked to the preference center, collecting the users First & Last Name in the third step.

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My Mission? Migrate and rebuild the website to better align with the brand and vison of the organization.

Amy Purdy

The Need? Develop an online webinar series to inspire & connect with her social media audience. 

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